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Businesses and their stakeholders have to deal with copious amounts of uncertainty on a daily basis. As professionals and experts in our field it is our endeavor to take the guesswork out and to ensure that there is clarity with respect to taxation, regulatory and other related spheres of your business.

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n the last few years the Indian tax and regulatory environment has seen many changes, re-affirming the fact that one needs to be their toes, ever ready, to succeed in the country. As subject matter experts we at Arkay & Arkay can affirm that in the years to come we can expect more changes to the tax structure in the form of legislation such as General Anti Avoidance Rules (“GAAR”), We can expect more litigation and discussions around “Place of Effective Management”(PoEM) and “Controlled Foreign Corporations” (CFC) respectively.

At CNK RK, we understand that business are fast blurring international borders, thereby making tax compliance even more convoluted and ensuring that it must be given the attention that it truly deserves. CNK RK helps Only organizations treat tax as a strategic element of their operation.

We help create a business tax strategy that focuses not on compliance with existing statues  but must anticipates and is prepared for future developments in policy and administration , not to forget developments in judicial circles thereby helping reduce your compliance costs.

Our Direct Tax practice can help you with


  • Preparation of corporate tax and other returns, including advice on positions to be adopted in the returns.
  • Assistance in assessments / representation before the Indian tax authorities at all levels
  • Assistance with withholding tax (TDS) returns


  • Expatriate taxation
  • HNI tax return planning and provision
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Tax accounting under IFRS or US GAAP


  • Inbound tax advisory
  • Identifying tax exposures
  • Alignment of tax strategy with business strategies
  • Opinions on specific issues and assistance during change of law, rules and other developments due to new case laws
  • Contract structuring and reviews
  • Withholding tax advisory and certifications


  • Strategic tax and regulatory advisory services on cross-border acquisitions and divestitures
  • Advisory on holding structures and business models for doing business in India and abroad
  • Treaty advisory and utilization
  • Advisory on GAAR impact and Mitigation

Our Indirect Tax Practice includes

Indirect taxes, particularly service tax, has found greater With the forthcoming advent of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) indirect taxes shall occupy a greater role in the governments efforts for revenue generation. We at Arkay & Arkay help businesses identify indirect tax liabilities and exposures. We help our clients comply with these regulations so they can do what they do best, focus on their own business.


  • Advice on classification, valuation, duty liability and input credit eligibility
  • Review of tax process, compliance and position taken
  • Review of previous compliance and highlighting potential areas of exposure
  • Advise on tax optimization
  • GST impact analysis and assistance in transition
  • CENVAT credit review


  • Assistance with obtaining /surrendering registration
  • Assistance in tax determination and regular compliance filing
  • Tax refund assistance
  • Litigation related Representation
  • Goods and Service tax (GST) audit related assistance
income tax india personal tax foreign tax non resident tax expatriate tax returns ITR

Going global means not only increased revenues and profits but also increased regulatory oversight. Businesses have to ensure that all transactions with related parties are above board so as to avoid transfer pricing adjustments. Even domestic businsesses are now exposed to such adjustments thanks to the introduction of Domestic Transfer pricing regulations. Our team at Arkay & Arkay works closely with businesses to ensure that they remain on the right side of regulations at all times.

Our Transfer Pricing services include


  • Transfer pricing risk assessment
  • Helping develop cross border service/ sale contracts across geographies ensuring consistent approach to transfer pricing
  • Preparing Bench marking report for reportable transactions.
  • Assistance with APAs


  • Transfer pricing reporting to the tax authorities
  • Representation before Transfer pricing officers and other higher authorities
  • Dispute resolution
India business advisory

Value is a remarkable concept, known to many but understood by few. We help stakeholders understand and measure the value of the things that can be measured. We assist businesses with regulatory compliances, in times of litigation, while raising investments and all other occasions where one may have to ascribe value to your businesses.


  • Valuation of Business, Equity and Intangibles
  • Valuation for the purposes of submission before regulatory bodies such as Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) or the Company Law board (“CLB”)
  • Valuation for Tax purposes
  • Valuation for transaction purposes
  • Valuation support during litigation and disputes
  • Determination of value for the purposes of impairment analysis
India business advisory

Arkay and Arkay offer a complete suite of advisory services encompassing M & A, Risk Advisory, Capital Market, and Transaction Support among others. Given today’s global economic situation it is important that business maximize their resources. To this end, we provide valuation opinion, Business modeling, forecasting and structuring in addition to other services. Our advisory wing offers services to handle financial and operational risk challenges. We help strategic and P.E Investors understand Financial, tax and business exposures.



  • Formulation of strategy
  • Scouting for targets
  • Co-ordinating due diligence
  • Finalization of documents
  • Deal Execution
  • Closure


  • Strategy to maximize valuations
  • Identifying buyers
  • Managing valuation expectations
  • Negotiation Support
  • Co-ordinating due diligence
  • Deal Execution
  • Closure



  • Financial due diligence
  • Business due diligence


  • Review of Transactions from a tax and regulatory perspective
  • Evaluation of transaction structures
  • Assistance during negotiations
  • Assistance during transition compliance


  • Risk assessment and restructuring plan preparation
  • Business reorganization support
  • IPO and delisting advisory
  • Deal implementation support

Arkay & Arkay provides assurance services to provide accurate and in-depth reporting to both internal as well as external stakeholders in an era when stake holders are increasingly demanding greater transparency in corporate governance.At the same time investors want easier access to increasingly accurate and relevant financial information coupled with full disclosure on exposure and risks. Making these services therefore of great importance for leadership, management, audit committees of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our Assurance practice includes


  • Statutory Audits
  • Concurrent Audits
  • Financial Accounting review
  • Preparation of system studies and accounting manuals
  • Other Agreed upon procedures

Business Risk Services 

  • Establishment of Internal controls
  • Drafting and implementing Standard operating procedures across the organization
  • Review of operational effectiveness of internal controls and SOP compliance verification
  • Internal Audits based on agreed procedures
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance across geographies
  • FCPA Compliance review
  • UK Bribery Act compliance review




Our people are consummate professionals who are further ably guided in their endeavor by our partners, each of whom, are specializing in diversified areas of practice.


Our resources possess deep expertise in the relevant subject matter and are able to utilize their skills and expertise in the attainment of client objectives.


We understand client requirements to deliver tailored services that the client requires. Our team of top-notch professionals address every minute detail to ensure that the clients needs are fully addressed.


With a history starting 1936 and a team of highly experienced professionals. it is safe to say that we have a wealth of experience on our side.


We pride ourselves in our prompt response to client enquiries and timely attendance to client needs.


Our partners and our talent pool of professionals have been encouraged to focus on specified areas of practice and to undertake research work in their respective areas of specialization.

Quality Assurance

We constantly seek to adopt best practices which enhance and improve customer satisfaction. Our internal processes are geared to ensure utmost client satisfaction.

end to end services

CNK, through its team of talented professionals specializing in specified practice areas of practice, has the requisite experience and the expertise required for providing the entire gamut of accounting, auditing, taxation and consultancy services under one roof.