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India High Court Shifts Vodafone Tax Spat to International Panel (1)

8th May 2018

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6th February  2018

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1st February  2018

Manufacturers Await Tax Protections in India’s 2018 Budget

31st January 2018

Deposit money in bank only if you can account for it: Tax experts

9th November 2016

Time to make compliance better

21st November 2016

Vijay Mallya’s Long Summer, as DRT Freezes Funds from Diageo

8th March 2016

Union Budget 2016: Equalisation Levy on Online Advertising

1st March 2016

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19th January 2016

Why this POEM spooks corporate India

10th January 2016

To B2B or Not: Brief on Ecommerce and FDI Policy in India

20th November 2015

It's Time To Call Off The Annual Budget Tamasha

24th February 2015

Making laws for 'glocal' economy

7th September 2014

Why Uber, Google Play and Amazon should not lose sleep over RBI's latest diktat

25th August 2014

Uber may still be able to use a foreign payment gateway in India

25th August 2014

LCV sales may come under further pressure as govt proposes higher tax on small truckers

12th July 2014

This is the best time for foreign investors to enter India

by Pallav Pradyumn Narang | 12th September 2013

What Does Budget 2013 Hold For Digital Businesses?

1st March 2013

Internet And Mobile Advertising Exempt From Service Tax

by Pallav Pradyumn Narang | 18th April 2012

DHCBA gets restaurant service tax law wrong in ‘public interest’ notice

5th November 2012