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DIN Director KYC : How to proceed with filing DIR-3?

E-KYC of Directors through form “DIR-3 KYC”

DIN is a unique Identification Number allotted to an individual who is appointed as a director of a company, upon making an application in form DIR-3 pursuant to section 153 & 154 of the Companies Act, 2013

In respect of a new company an application for allotment of DIN shall be made only through SPICe e- form at the time of its incorporation. As we discussed in an earlier post, the government has mandated that all DINs issued pre March 2018 need to be re-validated by way of redoing the KYC for the said directors.

The process and documentation for the process is described in greater details here.

1. Who are required to get e-KYC done through form “DIR-3 KYC”?

  • For Financial year 2018-19 – Any person who has been allotted “Director Identification Number (DIN/DPIN)” on or before 31st March 2018 and the status of such DIN is ‘Approved’, needs to file form DIR-3 KYC to update KYC details in the system on or before 31st August 2018.


  • For Financial year 2019-20 onwards – Every Director who has been allotted DIN on or before the end of the financial year, and whose DIN status is ‘Approved’, would be mandatorily required to file form DIR-3 KYC before 30th April of the immediately next financial year.


  • After expiry of the respective due dates, system will mark all non-compliant DINs against which DIR-3 KYC form has not been filed as ‘Deactivated’.

2. Details required to be filled in form?

  • Name (as per PAN database),
  • Father’s Name (as per PAN database),
  • “Date of Birth (DoB)” (as per PAN database),
  • PAN Number (mandatory for citizens of India),
  • Aadhaar Number (mandatory for citizens of India),
  • Personal Mobile number,
  • Personal Email Address,
  • Permanent address and/or Present address as the case may be.

3. Documents required?

  • Proof of permanent address,
  • Copy of Aadhaar card,
  • Copy of Passport,
  • Proof of present address,
  • Any other document as required.

4. Who are the signatories in DIR-3 KYC form?

  • DIN Holder,
  • A professional (CA/CS/CMA).
  • Please note that in case of Citizens of India, the PAN mentioned in the DSC is verified with the PAN mentioned in the form.
  • In case of foreign nationals, the name in the DSC affixed should match with the name entered in the form. DSCs affixed on the form should be duly registered on the MCA portal.

5. What is the fee for form DIR-3 KYC?

  • Form DIR-3 KYC, if filed within the due date of the respective financial year, no fee is payable.
  • However, if filed after the due date, for DIN status ‘Deactivated’ a fee of Rs.5000 shall be payable.

6. What if DIN status is ‘Deactivated’?

  • Form DIR-3 KYC can be filed for status ‘Deactivated’ on payment of fee of Rs. 5000 only if the DIN was deactivated due to non-filing of form DIR-3 KYC.

7. Whether non-resident directors can provide Indian mobile numbers?

  • In case the DIN holder is a resident of India, the address must be an address in India and mobile number must be an Indian mobile number.
  • In case DIN holder is non-resident, foreign address and foreign number shall only be allowed.

8. Multiple filing of form DIR-3 KYC for an applicant is NOT allowed. In case KYC is already filed for a DIN, and such DIN is entered again, system will throw an error that the form is already filed.

9. In case the PAN/Name in DSC does not match with PAN/Name entered in form, they would be required to get a DSC with PAN/Name as specified in form.

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